Thursday, February 11, 2016

A quick one....

Just a quick entry am going to try and post twice a week, a Sunday and Wednesday or Thursday.....

Ok news, well have lost all the weight I gained, am so glad I don't freak out over the numbers now on the scales, know that what I am doing is ok food wise, not the greatest but better than what it was :)

Trying to enjoy the deck, but we have had more days with showers and rain than not :(. But did get to see Chris on his way through to Auckland yesterday for about an hour was really nice to catch up with him :). He now lives with his Dad in Auckland and works up there, he purchased himself a car end of last year some sporty thing..... his baby lol. Do I like him driving something like that hell no - but not a lot I can do, he paid for it himself, and doesn't live with me anymore so I have to suck it up, does he speed, of course he does but like us well I know I was anyway at that age, that he thinks he is invincible... I just have to pray he doesn't kill anyone in the precess. BTW the twins are 21 years in September :).

 And here he is, a bit different from what he used to look like, for those that have been following me for years, gees some of you were even around when I was pregnant with the twins lol. :)

Well thats about it for now I think.... catch you all in a couple of days time

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Yip yip yip.....

Have not really been anywhere, first off what everybody is wanting to know, after forgetting to weigh in last week, due to it being a long weekend, and having friends around for the night, I weighed in this morning and yip I gained everything I lost plus some - yip I could get shitty but am not cause I know why and it wasn't food.... People that have known me for a long time know I suffer with medication constipation, and am I constipated, yes I am big time, and I know once I get moving again in the bowel department, I know the weight will move down again. Food hasn't changed so no it isn't that :)

Next topic of course it has to be the deck, we have had a couple of BBQ's on it with friends, and we have one tomorrow night with Steph and her partner Rob, and next weekend with some more friends that was suppose to be tonight but weather was debatable..... So here are some pics, we got some decent prices on furniture as shops are wanting to start getting things in for winter stock, so summer stock is on the way out with good deals.

The dogs love it too, it is not covered with sun, due to the trees which is brilliant, apart from the couple of days of rain, I have been using it everyday, hope it is fine tonight, so it will,be dry for a BBQ breakfast tomorrow morning, as we have another long weekend this weekend :).

The nail business is really starting to go well, now getting referred customers through word of mouth. I spend $8.00 a week on Facebook advertising and that is money well spent, you can pick the age bracket. Female/male and what km radius you want the advert to range in. So I have picked a 30k radius with females age 18 and over.

Oh yeah the OT (Ocupational Therapist) has been and we are trialling some cushions for the nail room to help with the constipation/haemorrhoid issue, and some ergorests for the wrists... Hoping that will help which will mean I can do more clients than what I am currently doing, without inflicting anymore pain.

So I think that's about it for now, will be back soon :)

Keep Smiling and Stay Safe Jaxx :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Quick one....

Hi all....

Weighed in and ............ LOST another 3.4 lbs, so am pretty happy with that.

The deck is still being built, he is currently here hammering down the boards so yay, was hoping it would be ready by the weekend, but the weather might not allow that, it is suppose to rain every day for the next 5 days, well rain and thunderstorms no no no, So Sad :(. Well I suppose we can walk on it if nothing else after today.

Not a lot else has been happening, it has been mighty warm, we have been getting up to 33 degree's that is really warm for us and the humidity is anything above 80%, does not make a happy girl. Today it is 91% humidity.

I have Rochelle another nail tech coming around to play a little, she is going to show me how to do some 3d flowers etc...... I have kept clients to a minimum this week with the builder here and the dogs cant go outside unless on a lead, as the gates are open etc....

Oh yeah am trying to grow my nails out naturally and documenting the IBX treatment I am doing, well will be doing it on one hand and see how much better it works. I hate having short nails but have to start somewhere lol, but am really hoping I can last as did I mention I hate short nails......  follow me on my Facebook page 'here'.

Anyway thats it for now, if the deck is looking exciting tonight I will take some pics and add them, until then stay safe and keep smiling :)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Nope have not forgotten :)

Ok first off, weighed in last Sunday and lost 4lbs..... Thought I better get that in before next weigh in lol.

Anyway not much new has been happening we now have a new fence, and half a new deck, can't wait for it to be ready, hopefully by the first long weekend end of month. 2 long weekends in a row yay lol.

Anyway some pics of the new fence and half finished deck :)

Old Fence

Fence getting built

Fully Finished fence and new gate :)

Old messy deck

Thats how rotten it was....

Getting built

Getting closer

Deck ready to be nailed down, the sides up and we are ready to enjoy except.....
he is now not back until Tuesday :(

Keep Smiling and Stay Safe Jaxx :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hi all......

Well the start to the year has been crappy, ok well not really crappy, just this type of weather plays havoc with my CRPS. Either stay cold, hot, wet or dry, don't keep changing your mind every bloody day. Thats it vent over....

My cousin in Holland is going through a rough time, it was this time a year ago, where they had to make a decision to turn of life support for her son, a tough decision to make, and even tougher for parents to make it for their child. He donated his organs, so hoping someone got to live because of him.

Good things happening, we finally have a new fence and gate, no need to nearly rip my nails off getting in and out from the old gate lol. So much nicer for the clients. More good news, the deck will be finished by the long weekend at the end of January, we can then go shopping for nice furniture on it, and also put the BBQ up there and we might even get to enjoy it for a bit before the crap weather returns, oh thats right it hasn't gone away yet...... 

I have taken tomorrow of work cause my bloody wrists/arms are playing havoc in this weather, so tomorrow will be clean up house day, have let it go bit and it bugs me so much YES I HAVE OCD. So tomorrow have my list already to go.....

Oh yeah weighed in on Sunday, am weighing in pounds, for no real reason, just that it is different from kilos..... I will try and remember to weigh in Sunday's, though the scales are not going to dictate my mood, I will not allow that. I am going to do the two week free diet from the diet doctor, have only just signed up, so yet to suss it out properly that is tomorrows job. Click 'here' for the link, if you want to join :). Next week I start an exercise programme, what yet well thats a surprise, ok to be honest I have not even thought about what I want to do yet.... It will involve some cardio and lots of swissball work, just need to find the pump thing for the swissball and try to remember how it pumps up.

See you soon, stay safe and keep smiling :) 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Am I really back?

Well yes it is me, so you can stand up now - I am back, well for today anyway - and hope to be more regular but hey...... will wait and see on that one. 

Where do I start, well lets start with business. I have my new table and it is brilliant, there has been 1 change, I have changed brands, which is more expensive so only half the amount of polishes but am slowly building them up again. The other brand was good but the two I am using now are so much better, last's longer, needs less coats etc etc.....  just a general better quality overall gel polish. The business itself is going good, slow but steady, my wrists/arms are still causing me issues so an OT (Ocupational Therapist) has been out and we are going to try some wrist supports or something. Another issue is I have constipation from the meds (and yes we have tried every flipping thing to try and remedy the situation) and I have been using my wheelchair cushion, but I need a proper cushion so she is also sussing out some for me to try. Getting regular clients now which is really nice :)

David and the puppies are all doing well, well they are not really puppies anymore. Chico has not a seizure in about 7 months now, so that is great, though she still stress's out with rain, thunder, fireworks.... we can not leave her when it is heavy rain, well she wont let us out the gate, but we also are to scared to leave her alone in case she has another seizure..... Rusty is now 1 1/4 so growing up fast, will do some pics and hey might even do a vlog in the next post, yip there just might be a next post :)

Me well lets just say, not a lot has changed, oh one thing I am unfitter at the end of the year than what I was at the beginning, hmmmm something went wrong there, I was suppose to be fitter at the end of the year, oh well just means another goal for 2016 to achieve :). We are not going to Aussie this year, unless we happen to win some money from somewhere or I inherit some money, BUT I may have a chance to go to LA for some nail training with this amazing guy. Someone is trying to get a group of us together from New Zealand for a weeks training in LA - hence why the fitness goal is in there, if I plan to go to LA I need to be one hell of a lot fitter than what I am now, thats for sure. Doable yes if I keep on focusing on the reason why :). The CRPS is the same, no real change but hey it isn't worse so thats a good thing. Next year we will go back to Aussie, spend a week at Melbourne, then about 5 or so days at the Blue Mountains and around that area, then fly/drive up to the Gold Coast for a couple of weeks of rest and relaxation :). 

Well you would think after 4 months I would have something exciting to talk about lol - oh yeah we are getting a new fence and gate put up, and we are demolishing the old deck and getting a new bigger one put up on the 18th, the fence is being started next Monday. Cant wait for a new fence and gate, the old one was a pain in the butt and looked bloody ugly, will take a pick tomorrow, so you can see the old and the new :).

I will take some photos soon of my nail room etc and put them up so you can see what I am doing, well where I am doing it anyway. 

Anyway thats me for now, talk soon :)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Trying on iPad

Well it has been a while, a lot has happened but not a lot if you get what I mean. I am trying this on the iPad to see if the issues it used to have are fixed. This way I might even blog a little more often maybe.......

Anyway what's been happening, the business since I decided to focus on is starting to pay off. Am getting more regular clients and new clients are finding me through recommendations from other people. The downside is I have been feeling a lot more nauseous, couldn't really work out where from but we think we may found the reason, it is the dust and smell from the manicures, so how are we going to solve this issue, by leasing a Emendee table, where it has a fan that keeps the dust and smell to a minimum. Well I am hoping it will work cause it is a 2 year lease if it doesn't lol. I would link it in properly if I knew how but for now I will just add the link - Hoping it will arrive sometime next month.

Exercise and food wise, well yeah that's about it...... But seriously on Monday I am going to start eating healthy again, how am I going to do it not really sure, maybe count calories on My Fitness Pal, exercise wise, again not really sure what I am going to do. Tomorrow when I am more awake I will set up some sort of plan, so will come back and tell you what I am doing, when I know what I doing :). I will weigh in on Monday, need to get some batteries first and will weigh in pounds, for no real reason just something different. I need to change my food and exercise habits, they are really bad and I am feeling so tired and lethargic and I know it is my food. It needs to stop and now!

No real plans for the weekend, well half the weekend has gone, so Sunday will go out for lunch probably, we usually go out for lunch once in the weekend, and I want to plan my week ahead for exercise and food :).

Anyway am going to sign of now and see how and if this has published, if you see then it has, if it doesn't well you won't know any better :)

Cheers and stay safe Jaxx :)

Location:Rotorua New Zealand