Thursday, February 12, 2015

A bit of a let down....

I was hoping by some miracle that out there in the world, there would be a permanent purple hair colour, yes I know there are ones with purples in it, but not the purple I wanted - this then meant I was not going to have the purple/red hair colour in the picture below, well not now anyway....

So instead we went rather conservative. we just added a couple of black streaks in it, and gave it a good chop. But low and behold, I am not one to get down over this, so in a few days when it arrives I am going to add a pastel turquoise colour through it. It won't be dark like the pink I went once before but will just be nice and light and pretty. 

So here it is, this has not been styled or anything just washed and a quick blow-dry. 

So though I felt a little sad, I know it will look really nice with a soft colour through it :)

Anyway onto other things, after my haircut, I had lunch with my dad that was nice, Steph also came with us, so that was extra nice, cause as the kids get older they tend to see less and less of the grandparents for a few years. 

A bit of a bitch session coming up - why do people bullshit, well we know why but hey if you are going to then maybe cover all your bases so you don't get caught out. It wasn't even a huge thing, but come on if you are a true friend, then why not tell the whole truth, ok bitch session done. Well thats was short, I am no longer going to allow things like this annoy for any length of time, I vow and declare from this day onwards, negativity is not going to stay with me for long periods of time, yes I will swear and curse for a bit, but then I will move on and forward :)

But seriously the last few days has been a little up and down, first of Chris and his girlfriend have split up after a year and a half, and its hard as mother that I can not really do anything to help him with the pain, as I said to him it is part of growing up and there will be sad times but also many happy times. and all I can say is that each day it will get a smidgin easier for him. But for some reason today for the first time in I don't know how long, I have actually woken up happy about where I am in my life right now and where it is heading. Yes the nail business is struggling with issues with the wrist and pain and though I felt like giving up, I am now enjoying the challenge I am getting from it and the passion is so high that there is no way I am going to allow this to beat me down.

Today I really feel like life is only going to get better now, and that I can cope with the challenges, and with people like above  who lie etc..., I will put them in the background for now and focus on the strong friendships I have with the true friends  You know what I do believe, is that 2015 is going to be the year that things change for the better. I am also keeping in touch with some cousins in Holland now and it is so nice to be involved with the family, though we are many miles apart, i feel like I am part of the family if you get what I mean. 

So yip for now life is pretty good, and you know what there are going to be many more days when I wake up and think yip I am in a happy place and I love the life I have right now :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Weigh Innnnn.....

On Wednesday I am getting my haircut, after narrowing it done to these four.... I and Facebook buddies decided to go with

the first cut with the colour of the third one... so no more blonde for maybe forever, not sure if I ever want to go through the process of bleach again. So roll on Wednesday, then I will get my passport photos done, as my passport is due to expire at the end of the month.

Ok onto other things - weigh in gained 300 grams, not pissed off, not annoyed in fact happy with that. Many factors but main one ate a few to many carbs, not a lot just enough to have a gain. I was thinking of joining a gym but have decided not to, I won't keep motivated to keep going, I have legs that work so I will continue with walking, and maybe try the Exercycle again, and have a swiss ball so the money could be better spent on the business or spending money for Aussie, speaking of Aussie only 127 days to go :).

Last weekend was a long weekend here, on Friday had a look around Fairy Springs, was ok, did a youtube of it if you want to have a nosey.... (The weigh in result mentioned is for the week before, I was just late putting it up)

The weather was just about perfect for me with CRPS.... not to hot or muggy just right :)

On Saturday we went to Taupo, I had purchased an efile for work so wanted to pick that up, will make doing acrylics so much easier on my wrists. Speaking of work not sure if I mentioned I took a couple of weeks off nails as my wrists were sore and was having a few issues, hence why the purchase of the efile. But hope to be back into it next week.
We had not been to Taupo for about a year, no reason I love it there and didn't realise how much I missed the place.... and they have the best Vanilla Coconut Thick-shakes at 'Dixie Browns' - well there you have it, thats 300 grams just there lol.

Whats not to love about Taupo.... a fantastic lake, plenty to do, mountains only 1 1/2 hour drive away if into snow.... 

So there you have it, another few days in the life of me...., will do a photo of the hair after it is done on Wednesday, scary such a big change, though I have had it dark before it was such a mission to go blonde, I am lucky that I can go any colour with my hair with my colour skin. 

Take care all and stay safe :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Weigh Day

Weighed in today and lost 2.3 kilos this week, can't complain about that :)

Wheat free eating is going pretty good, walking was a bit of well a lot of a fail last real excuses.

Nail business, taking a break for a week or so, wrist swelled up and really sore, so in a splint for a bit, swelling is going down, so I need to wear a splint when not doing nails. If I can keep the swelling down, the pain decreases.

New week, pain is decreasing, walks will be had, got new nails today, I wanted these:

But after trying to do it with gel polish (most of the tutorials are done with nail polish) we gave up until next time, we also need to find a tutorial on how to do it with gel polish, it is called sugar spun nail art, we opted for this, we being my educator/nail tech and me. I do not do my own nails anymore just to hard lol

So am happy with these, maybe we will have another try with the other picture next time, oh and also I am wanting to change the shape and going for coffin shape nails which look like this, love this shape :)

So there we have it, February is here already, where January went, I am not sure, maybe I slept through it all, it went so bloody fast. This month is birthday month for our family, my sister, my dad, myself, and Jaimee (my niece) all have birthdays. No presses though, we don't buy presents anymore now we are all grown up.

Have a great few days/week all - see you soon and stay safe :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Just a quickie....

Just a quick update, for no real reason except to correct something, I mentioned I was going low carb, in hindsight I possibly should have written that I am eliminating wheat out of my diet at this stage, once that is done sugar will follow.

All is going ok, the walks aren't happening this week, but that does not mean I have not been burning calories I have been with moving things around in the house. My nail room is getting better and better each change :)

Oh and before and after photos of Chico's favourite toy, though Rusty gives it a run for it's money now - the nice pink toy in the basket, when we got her home, and below as it is today :)

And we have rain and thunder, and Miss Chico is terrified of it so hides under anything as long as she is near me....

Anyway thats it for now, short and sweet talks soon :)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The crap is over....

Chico came with a toy 3 1/2 years ago, the toy is still around, admittedly without fluff etc but it is still her favourite toy... Will do a before and after photo tomorrow if I remember, it is so cute. She has about 15 toys some new, but she still goes for the pink toy that Chrish gave her to take home so cute :). Her and Rusty are doing well, which is good, when we walk we take the dogs, David is usually with me. 

My hair is due to be cut, coloured etc very soon, in fact sooner rather than later, am thinking of having this, and yes with the colour, the colours are pastel and really nice I think :)

Still looking for other pics, but so far this is the one winning for now, if you see any nice ones leave me a comment with the link.

Tomorrow in Auckland/Bay of Plenty we have Auckland Anniversary day, so a day off and next week is a 4 day week as well, as we have Wanting Day on Friday...

Chris came home for the weekend, he is looking so good and so grown up, he is doing a personal training course starting next week, am so stoked for him. Steph is still doing well, living with her boyfriend still they have been going out about a year and half, now if not longer.

Walking was a little slack this week, only did it two times, next week I will do 4 times, I will, I will, I will..... Tomorrow is weigh in and sort of the official weigh in, tomorrow David and I are both going low carb again, the only exception we will have is still have fruit. I know low carb works, and I know I do feel heaps better doing it. I have 20 weeks before we fly out, my minimum goal is to loose 20 kilos. There is no pussy footing around, I have to do it simple as, otherwise Aussie will be a waste of time as I will be to fat and unfit to enjoy it :)

Nail business is going slow, but thats ok, it is to hot anyway and my wrists are a little sore, thinking I might wear a brace or something on my wrist not quite sure yet though. 

Oh and did a small vlog of the nail room etc the other day if you want to check it out, here it is....

Anyway thats it from me for now, take care and hope everyone is having/had a good weekend wherever you are :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Well it can't get much worse....

Funeral was Saturday night New Zealand time, thank you all for the comments, emails - meant a lot. It was nice to be a part of it, even from afar.

Onto another issue, Davids brother and his wife have split up - as far as the beginning of 2015 is going, I don't think it can get much worse for us.

Ok onto better things now:

WALKING: Last week I walked 3 times (1.3k's approx.) - Once so far this week, am aiming for 4 times a week, when I have done it two weeks in a row, then I will go up to 2K's and so on :)

FOOD: It is a hell of a lot better, but still needs huge improvements

WATER: A bit like food, needs improvement. (small steps)

WEIGHT: Lost 200 grams this week, it is a loss and I am happy with that. (Weigh in Mondays)

AUSSIE: Return tickets booked, Insurance and car booked.  Paid parking for our car at the Airport. All we have left to do is pay the rest of the accommodation and save some spending money. and plan what we want to do and get excited about it.

Dogs are doing well, kids are doing good, Chris is hoping to do a personal training course up in Auckland, with that and the diving course, he will be in his element.

Nails are a little slow, but apparently this month is slower, due to school starting back and people needing to buy books/uniforms and the many other expenses that come with a new school year. 

So thats it for this week, hopefully this week wont have any negatives and I will be showing another loss on the scales :)

Here is a pic of my nails that I got done last Monday... not the best of photos but you an idea, except tonight I tried to pry a couple of frozen patties apart and used my nail instead of a knife, wrong move whoops, repair job booked in for Thursday :)

Hope everyone had a good week/weekend, here in Rotorua it got a little on the warm side, the heat is not so bad, it s the humidity that is the killer. 

Take care, and talk soon :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The internet can bring you so much closer....

Today well tonight New Zealand time, they are turning the machines of on Dennis, if he ever came to he would be so badly brain damaged, there was no other option. The internet has been amazing that we are able to talk to my cousins in Holland. He was only 21, I can never understand why people so young are taken from us, people that are good people.