Thursday, October 16, 2014


As you know I try and buy cruelty free, well to make things easier SAFE have now come up with an App on both Android and iPhone, so what better way to buy animal friendly, when all you have to do is look on your phone to choose which brands are the best to buy.... Click 'here' to download the app.

Companies that used to be animal friendly like MAC for an example, now sell in China, which requires mandatory animal testing on all products before they will sell in China, read more about that 'here',  many companies that were once animal friendly are no longer, it is a very confusing trying to figure out what brand to buy if you are wanting to go cruelty free, hence why companies like SAFE and LEAPING BUNNY and PETA are valuable resources. Now that SAFE has the App, this now makes it so much easier to purchase cruelty free in New Zealand. 

Many companies will word their products to make it sound like they are cruelty free, hence why so many people get confused, but now with this App, shopping will be so much easier, so come on support the cruelty free companies, the more we buy cruelty free, means the more pressure we are putting on other companies to go cruelty free. No longer is it more expensive to buy cruelty free, there are many brands in a varied price range, so if you love bunnies, beagles, rats and mice then make the right choice. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A big decision....

Our weekend away at Napier was brilliant, though Sunday night I was so sore and nauseous, a side effect from the intense pain. The good part it only took me 1 day to recover, so was stoked with that. I did miss the puppies though so Chris kept sending me photos of Chico and Rusty... here are two of them :)

Rusty trying to look innocent playing with Chico's toys

Chico enjoying her run with Courtney (Chris's Girlfriend)

I got a bit of a scare yesterday as Rusty was pooing out a little blood, and had a little diarrhoea, but after doing a little googling with Dr Google I felt a little better, as it could be stress, or a plant or stick he may have eaten, the colour of the blood was not dark or anything, so observed him for the day and as the day went on the blood stopped and his poo's became harder, he is nearly back to normal poo's this morning, so it could have been stress with leaving him for the weekend, or he may have eaten a stick or something, but anyway am still keeping a close eye on him. he was drinking, playing and eating normal so that was another reason I was not to concerned :). We were tossing up about leaving him for the weekend, but we had booked the trip ages ago, and he was being left with Chris and Courtney who were more than capable of looking after him. 

Yesterday I made a decision, I pulled out of my papers at Massey for this semester, with trying to come of meds earlier on and then mother in law passing away, I got to far behind, and the last few weeks I was not sleeping as I was so stressed about it all, so made the decision yesterday to pull out. If I did it yesterday I could still pull out with no academic penalty. I will be doing 2 summer papers but they are both year 1 so not to much stress will be there. 

As it happened it was a good decision, as the lady who is going to be my tutor for my nail course rang last night, and can fit me in next week, it will be over about 3 weeks to complete it, as I am not doing it in 1 block, which suits her and I better. So that will be completed before the summer papers arrive, I will then do the gel course and I will be then ready to begin to set up the business. So by Feb next year I want to be started. For the first course I am doing, there is 1 open book exam, 1 mutli-choice exam and 1 practical exam. I am hoping to do the gel course as soon as possible as well, as then it will be just practice, practice and practice :). 

This though now puts me in a predicament a little, as next year we are planning to go to Aussie for 3 weeks, which meant we would be coming back on the 8th July, but we are now possibly looking at just over 2 weeks, as there is the Beauty Expo on in Auckland on the 4th & 5th July, and now that I will be qualified and have a business I can go to it, and see what all the new stuff coming out is etc... And it is only once a year and apparently it is well worth going too, so we are now thinking we will come back on the Friday beforehand and then stay in Auckland for the night and I can go to the expo on the Saturday and then we can head home Saturday evening. We had not booked our return tickets and with it being well in advance, I am sure taking a few days of the accommodation won't be an issue either :)

Anyway so thats about it with me for now - have a happy day all :)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Napier for the weekend

Before we knew we were getting a puppy David and I had booked a weekend away to "Napier", which is really no big deal as Chris and his girlfriend are looking after Chico and Rusty. 
Anyway arrived Friday evening, dropped all our gear off, then went to "Antonios Pizza and Pasts Parlour" an Italian place for dinner, what is good is we are staying right across from the ocean at "Beach Front Motel" and not only is it close to the ocean but also close into town. I had a scollop, ham and garlic pizza and David had a pizza which had 4 different pizzas in it, 2 slices (1/4)of each. Can not remember what they were but it looked nice, my pizza was brilliant, we head back to Rotorua tomorrow.
Today we went to the Farmers market, which was really small so tomorrow (Sunday) we will go to the Hastings one which was much bigger, after that we went to the "Gypsy Fair", which was no different to the one in Rotorua, well it would be as it is the same fair ;). Then we went for lunch to the "Boat Ramp Restaurant" for a brunch, the food was beautiful, and could not fault it. We then went to the lookout, which was pretty cool.

And an outfit of the day :)

Headband - "The Rainbow Shop" - Byron Bay Australia
Skater Dress - "ASOS"
Leggings - "Farmers"
Jandels - Havaianas
After that we went to do the "Napier Prison Tour", which was ok, they use it as a backpackers as well now, so it has lost  lot of its authenticity, when I went about 19 years ago, we could have a proper look at the rooms and see the graffiti etc... but most of the rooms are locked up with curtains on the windows on the doors. 

Below "Terry Clark" was New Zealand's biggest drug ring leader ever, his nickname was Mr Big 

Teresa Cormack, was a case in new Zealand, where 15 years later they found her killer due to DNA testing. The picture of her below is a picture most New Zealanders will not forget, well at least in my generation anyway. Her killer was locked away in this prison. 

This is the sign you see as you head out towards the hanging yard, due to maori culture, pregnant women and under 5 year old children are not allowed out. I must admit it is quite an eery feeling walking out there.

Here is the hanging yard. 

So there is our Saturday at Napier. Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our new baby.....

Day 3 and he is settling in well.... though Chico still does not think he is to cute yet....

Introducing "RUSTY"

And yip he decides to sleep in my smelly slippers......

And a short movie of Chico and Rusty

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A new addition....

A Cavoodle - a little boy to play with Chico - more details later in the week :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Twins Birthday....

Tomorrow the twins turn 19, so last night we had a dinner at our place, with the twins and their partners and one of Steph's friends to open presents. 

It was a great night, and the kids loved all their presents, what I do is get them to write out a wish list of presents between $10 and $100, and from there I choose what to get them. They have heaps more on the list than what they get, so still a surprise. We used to do money, but now they are working themselves they want presents again, and want to get the enjoyment of opening the presents. 

I did a blog of last night, but may need to edit out a small part of it lol 

Yesterday my iPhone 6 arrived, I lovvvvve it so much, I got the 6 not the 6+. I stick with iPhones because I have everything Apple and love that it all sync  to each other, I update my phone every 2 years. David is going to have the iPhone 5 I had, so will go and a sim card today and transfer his number over to the iPhone. He has a really old cellphone that still takes the huge sim, and because he has had it for a while it is not one of those ones you can press the size out, and I don't want to risk cutting it lol.

Hope to have some photo's up soon of the dinner and present opening when I learn how to take a still shot from a video clip if you get what I mean) lol.

Have a fantastic weekend all :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A little of this and a little of that..... and a huge change of direction.

Am so sorry I have been missing in action but now I am going to be back for regular blogging again....

In New Zealand we just had elections, the National Government got in again 3rd time running, we in New Zealand run under an MMP system, and this time it was the first time ever since MMP that a party could govern alone without a coalition, having said that National is talking to other parties to make them stronger. I am not a National supporter so I was not impressed but hey not a lot I can do about it :). We in New Zealand also start daylight savings this week, it means our nights will be longer and our mornings a little darker, perfect we now have daylight savings for nearly 6 months a year, a bit extreme I sometimes think, but I do like it I must say :).

Speaking of this weekend, the twins turn 19 years old on Sunday - man oh man where did those days go, on Friday night we are having just a casual dinner with them and their partners, David and I, they will have a cake and open presents, then that gives them Saturday and Sunday to spend it with friends. After all the years with all the issues, I am really proud of how things have gone for them both. They both have jobs, both have driving license and own their own car, they are both in steady relationships and both have been with their partners over a year now. For those that don't know Steph has epilepsy, which we think she has grown out of which is fantastic, can not remember the last time she had a seizure, and Chris well where do I begin, he got 'Perthes Disease' at age 4, then he was diagnosed with 'Tourette Syndrome', 'OCD', ADHD, Aspergers and a few other things oh and he 'Keratoconus' in his eyes. We struggled many years with Chris, had fantastic support from the 'mental health team' for many years, joint public school and homeschooled him. Now he is 19, he is coping with things so much better, he is learning how to deal with the OCD, and his Tourette's are only minimal when they appear for a bit. 

I have now started drinking water again, yip shock horror, I have only diet coke for my meds, I can not swallow them otherwise... so down to like 1 1/2 glasses diet coke and the rest water, did take me a few days to get rid of the headaches though from the withdrawal from diet coke. I am also back walking everyday, well at least 5/7 days a week, just going how far I feel like on the night, once the weather warms a little at night I will start going further, David comes with me so we go after he gets home from work. 

Now onto some exciting news, well I think it is exciting anyway - I am changing my direction of study, yes I will graduate next year from Massey, to close at the end to not finish, but I am also going to be doing a nail technician course, I will be doing a short one in November hopefully, then doing a part time one 2 days a week at Tauranga next year. Being only two days a week, I am sure I can cope with the travelling, or there is a bus otherwise. I am also going to be doing a makeup course, where I will be able to work in retail if I like or I can work from home, the makeup I am learning is for photography/weddings and retail. The nail tech course in Tauranga will teach me everything. The reason I am changing direction, is that in all reality I do not think I will be able to ever go back to work full-time, and this way I can work in the mornings till about 2pm when I am at my fittest and also I would not be standing all day, and can pace the clients to my ability. I am really excited because not only will it be fun, but it will also be good for me to socialise with other people. I really want to focus on the nail side of things more, than the makeup, but that might change once I have finished both courses. Alongside that I have joined the 'Leah Light Academy', 'Leah' is one of, if not the top nail tech in New Zealand, you can join the academy for $39.00 a month, or $400 for 12 months, if you join now as a foundation member, the prices will be going up soon. She has tutorials etc that we can learn from, and also we can get discount from some of the companies etc... I am really enjoying the tutorials, though they are aimed at more the professional, I am still finding it really interesting. 

So I am now going to need a name, I want it to start with something like Jaxx's Nails because once I complete the makeup course which will take longer, I can then add the makeup to the business card - so it could be Jaxx's Nails and Beauty or something like that... so any original ideas please, I am no good at thinking of names for things like this ;). When Chris moves out at the end of the year, (Courtney his girlfriend is moving too, to Auckland) I will set his room up as the nail tech room, I will need to re-wallaper get equipment/desks etc - which I am currently on the lookout for, so when the time comes, I should be able to start not to long after, cause once I do the first course in November, it will give me enough to get started, admittedly it will only be friends and my daughters friends that I would begin with to practice on... and then Steph's room will become the spare bedroom. And even though we are going to Aussie in June, they said they can easily work around that, we are going for 3 weeks, have booked flights there, accommodation, and just waiting on flights back to come in sale. So 2015 is starting to look like it might be a great year for me :)

Ohhhh and other exciting news, I have pre-ordered the iPhone 6, am hoping it will arrive on Friday as I am in the first lot to be couriered out, but having said that if the couriers are busy, it may not arrive on Friday :(. I update my iPhone every 2 years, David is going to have my iPhone 5, it is still in mint condition, but I can't wait for the 6...... so on Friday I will not leave the house at all, or at least until someone else is home - I do have to go and pick up the cake at sometime, but will make sure Chris is home as he is only working a few hours on Fridays. They get released here in New Zealand on Friday morning 12am - apparently many shops are opening up at midnight Thursday night, to be the first to sell. 

We have had pretty wet and nasty weather the last couple of weeks, with the odd fine day, the other day we went to Gwens (Davids mum) grave, and the flowers on top were still alive 3 weeks on, was really cool to see them still alive :)

So there you have it, life is starting to look up again, and I can't wait to get things going :)

Below is a vlog of the Gypsy Fair and Lakeside Markets or known as the Soundshell Markets, that we went to last weekend.