Saturday, July 23, 2016

Yip another post......

This week I lost 1.9 kilos, not really doing any actual diet, just watching what I eat, and trying to move a little more.

I am going to the doctor in about 2 weeks, to talk about my foot slipping, am I worried hell yes, but what will be, will be :)

I am loving my Apple Watch so much, if I don't stand for an hour, it tells me to get up and move lol. What I really love is how it tells me how many exercise minutes I actually do in 1 day, I seem to average about 5000 - 6000 steps a day, when home, but I only do about 2 - 5 minutes of actual exercise, so though I am clocking up the steps, I am not getting my heart rate up, so I need to work on getting the heart rate up for at least 15 minutes a day to begin with. So that's my goal for this week, exercise in the zone for minimum 15 minutes for at least 4/7 days in the next week. :)

Have not really been up to much, last week was busy for work, this week was a little quieter, so I had a bit of a catch up week.

One thing I am loving, is that the days are getting a fraction longer, I tidied up the deck the other day, and now it is looking nice and some days it's warmer outside than inside, was nice to get a little fresh air after all the rain and cold. I am so over wet and cold weather. Hope to sit out in the fresh air a little tomorrow, I feel so much better if I get a little sun on the body :)

Caught up with LeeAnne for lunch yesterday, that was nice, with lots of things happening, it had been a few months :).

Am thinking I might start vlogging again, won't be daily, well vlogs may be daily, but will be uploaded only once a week or maybe twice a week. Will let you know my YouTube channel if I decide too.

Nothing exciting has been happening, so on that front I will say....

Keep Smiling and Stay Safe Jaxx :)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

A few little things happening...

Ok, first up, been to the Gold Coast, loved it as much as ever and miss the place so much. Spent way to much as per usual, purchased an Apple Watch, which counts steps Etc... Was going to get a Fitbit but changed my mind to the Apple Watch and love love love it - we did come back to a beautiful day Tuesday and then rain wind and cold from then on. Steph and Rob looked after the place and the dogs :)

Weight wise, lost about 4 kilos, but need to really get into losing more regularly now I am back and settled. More on that in the minute.

Over in Aussie another side effect of CRPS appeared, was hoping it was because I was just walking more, but no come back to NZ and it doesn't go away, google it and yip it is a nerve thing bugger blast.... Well now the scary part comes, a few years ago I had a scan. And they said it looked like I might have the start of MS but there were no real symptoms so just sort of put it on the back burner. Anyway googled it and a lot of people had this as their first symptom of MS... But even if it isn't that it and it comes under the CRPS umbrella, there is no cure for it :(. So it appears within 6 months to 2 years, most people are either in a wheelchair, crutches or using a walker fulltime. It is scary what happens, it is hard to explain but when I walk like on a flat surface like a mall etc, my left foot (the CRPS leg), feels like it is sliding on ice and you think you are going to fall. The only times it appears not to happen is when I am barefoot or walking on grass. I kept checking my shoe/jandles to see if there was like oil on it or something, and though we both checked the shoes 100 times, nothing could be seen, anyway back in NZ it has not stopped :(. I will go and see the doctor in the next week or so, I assume they will send me to a neurologist and get a scan. This of course has put me in a small panic and while I can, I am going on a diet, I need to lose weight, (no losing weight will not get rid of it but it will make life a lot simpler, will I be on crutches/walker/wheelchair in 6 months, who knows, no one does), no it's not a lifestyle change its a diet for now, (it might become a lifestyle change later, but for now it is a diet), while I can walk though very cautiously I need to walk as much as I can. I am also going to look at exercise with the TV, so I can do it in bare feet and feel safer doing it.

In Aussie I purchased another charm bracelet, it is a Thomas Sabo one, I love his charms, I have another charm bracelet from Louis Thompson, but that is nearly full and decided I loved the charms fro Thomas Sabo more, especially their VW bug and van :) so I have 3 charms, one that came with the bracelet and the other two David got me in Aussie, and they are legit as well, as they have the VW trademark, hence why they are also triple the price from the knock offs lol. :)

Anyway that's where I am at for now, I am going to be journeying my weight loss and my health situation, not sure if just on here, or if I may YouTube it as well... I am currently setting up the watch/phone with my fitness pal, I am not sure what type of food thing I am doing yet but this week is all about getting myself organised etc... So there you have it.

Keep Smiling and Stay Safe Jaxx :)

Monday, May 9, 2016

The news is.....

We are off to the Gold Coast for 2 weeks end of June early July, David suggested it yesterday and we worked out a budget, well he worked out a budget as he is paying lol. So with airpoints we booked our flights today, booked the same apartment building as last year, and now even have the same room, love it, our home away from home. No ocean views but hey we are like 200 meters from the beach.

So hence why I said that I need to loose weight fast and get fit, today I went for the first walk of the week, will go again tomorrow, and the next day and the next day.... Food wise back to low carb, it gives me the most energy with the greatest weight loss, we go in 7 weeks time as from yesterday :). We decided to fly out Sunday night, as the flights were heaps cheaper, and coming back a Monday Afternoon/night. We normally do a Wednesday departure and return, we are still there two full weekends though :)

The dogs will go to the kennels a little worried cause Chico had a seizure last year there, but we have been and are working on her fears with thunder Etc, so hopefully she will be fine.

Anyway so that's our news, now to get excited about it lol.

Keep Smiling and Stay Safe Jaxx :)

Location:New Zealand

Sunday, May 8, 2016

A nice surprise and follow the transformation....

Today is Mothers Day, happy Mother's Day to each and everyone of you mum's out there. Hope you all had,have are having a good day :) I didn't see my kids today, we celebrated a couple of weeks ago with a BBQ when Chris was down, so today was fairly quiet, though David and I had a lot to discuss, he surprised me with something today, it will be confirmed in the next day or so. But it will probably go ahead yay :) 

Ok what has happened since I was suppose to be starting to eat healthy and exercise, well nothing, no gains no losses, no fitter, no unfitter...... Yip I am exactly the same weight and fitness, but now I have to get moving, though I am not diabetic, if I don't get of my arse and do something I will end up a diabetic sooner rather than later. So as of now yip right now 5.12pm on Sunday the 8th May 2016, I vow and declare that I will no longer stay this way any longer. Tomorrow I start walking 1k at a time, tomorrow I start watching what I eat and no longer eat food that is processed, well as little as possible by the end of June which is 7 weeks today, I want to be walking 3k's a day 5 days a week, and I want to lose minimum 10ks, or 22lbs. So everyday but Saturday or Sunday I am going out to walk, I am going to beat this weight once and for all, my next blood tests are going to come back better, I am going to make sure of that. 

Yes there will be pain but I will work thought it with a TENS machine and meditation, I am so friggin going to do this, I have a reason why and hopefully later in the week I can talk more about it. 

Oh I am now a Scentsy Consultant and can send all over New Zealand so if you are interested click here and on the right hand side you will see a sign saying 'My open party", click Launch Party and confirm, and order through that, otherwise you can email me at and I can do the order for you. Anyway that's about it from me for now, have a good night and be back in a day or two, with my update :)

Keep Smiling and Stay Safe Jaxx :)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Will we be the lucky ones....

I know it's not just New Zealand where there is debates happening about medical marijuana, I for one, know that if I had a choice of taking medical marijuana or the 40+ pills I take a day now, which way I would go. I am over all the bull-crap with it, even doctors admit they would hand it out if they could. The laws need to change and at least be offered to trial for people with CRPS. If you don't agree that is fine as well, as you would just say no to a trial. What really annoys me is that we are mostly adults, yet we can not make a decision about our lives, why do people have to suffer because of companies like Pharmac who know they will lose out of thousands of dollars a year if this goes ahead. I am glad to see some people getting it, not for CRPS mind you, but for other illnesses, I would say CRPS will be right down the line even if it does get approved. CRPS has a high high suicide rate, and who blames them, who wants to live a life in pain all day, and be bed ridden and have no life, and no there is no cure..... but slowly the world is changing, so just maybe we can start feeling a little more positive that we might in our generation be one of the ones who get to try it. Oh and those who think it is about getting high, this is not the case with medical marijuana, it is a pain relief.

Anyway here is an article written by a man named Jason, who has CRPS, first is a little introduction about him and then he writes a great article about medical marijuana... Thank you Jason :)

As a disabled Army veteran Jason has been through years of therapy and treatment and he has seen the toll prescription pain medications can take on you and your family. Now years later and an advocate for Medical Marijuana he is the founder of a website dedicated to providing accurate information on Medical Marijuana uses, the laws, and the strains. He is a firm believer that marijuana can help millions of people and deserves its proper place in mainstream medicine.

Put an End to the Insane Pain Please

Imagine your usual everyday routine for a minute, think of all the things you must accomplish, the errands that need to be ran and the work that needs to be done. I am sure you are already thinking there are not enough hours in the day to achieve the to-do list you set out to tackle each day but somehow manage to get it done.  What if that daily routine was suddenly interrupted due to an injury, one that you expect to recover from within specific set of time because the doctors have a treatment plan that is going to fix it right back up.
What happens when that time expires and you have healed but left with intense pain at the site and around the area of where the injury happened? Most of the time you are told that the site pain will go away, it is normal for it to experience some discomfort, it's just part of the healing process. After you have heard that saying a few dozen times, it gets old fast because you just want someone to listen to what is going on. You know that this amount of pain is not normal and that you should be better by now, you have done everything the doctor asked you to, yet you're not.
Anyone who has ever had to live with on-going pain that lasts for more than three months knows that it can become one of most trying times in someone's life. Whether the pain resulted from an injury that landed you in a cast, surgery or burn, the fact of the matter is that your pain is real, and it's not going away. 
When you finally get the doctor to listen and understand that this is more than the normal pain from the fracture that you had a year ago, the feeling of relief is overwhelming, you have a doctor who is listening and ready to figure this pain out. A series of tests ran, several labs and even medical imaging like an x-ray, MRI or bone scan is completed, yet the doctors still do not see anything that is causing this, they are either puzzled or frustrated from having no answer, so you become their test monkey. They have you try every medication under the sun to figure out how to control the pain and identify the root cause. Then finally the doctors see you for a check-up, your pain still present and they finally say they think they have determined the cause of your pain and tell you that you have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). You are so happy to have an answer that you do not stop to think about what the doctor has just told you, and you are eager to start the treatment process and finally end this pain once and for all.
The doctor then tells you that although we believe you have CRPS; we are not sure why you have it or how to treat it, that all they can do is help to get the pain down and manageable. Your happiness of knowing what is going on has just been stripped away from you as you hear this information. The same feelings return, the cycles of medication trials continue and you feel as if you have lost you thru all of this. 
What if the medical marijuana world spoke and said they had been listening to us the whole time, that they are eager to help find a solution to your pain and that they will find one that works. Well that is just what they are saying and doing especially in the recent years, the research and studies available are turning people's opinions around on medical marijuana.  In fact, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who was highly opposed to the use of marijuana with in the medical community and those with CRPS, has come forward to apologize for making such a statement without giving the proper attention to the research. In August 2013 Dr. Gupta said he had changed his view on medical marijuana completely after doing further research, spending time with those that used cannabis as a there medication and reading medical documents. What he found was that marijuana is a great pain medication that lacks the addictive properties as defined by the medical industries. He discovered that to study marijuana benefits one must jump through double standard hoops and this is why we do not hear about the benefits of marijuana. 
Dr. Gupta had stated that it was unreal to see our society backing a drug that kills someone every 19 minutes from overdosing on the medication. There are too many people dying from the poppy plant and with the record numbers of death from it, we are seeing doctors backing the support for medical marijuana for the treatment of pain and other conditions. 76% of physicians agreed that they would rather treat a patient with marijuana than an opiate but despite the benefits the laws prevent this, forcing them to prescribe medications that kill. The medical world is finally listening; we soon may see relief after all for pain related to CRPS. 
Will be interested to hear thoughts and opinions on this topic thanks :)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Just some info about CRPS...

I must admit I tend to avoid talking CRPS on here, which is really quite silly considering CRPS is my life 24/7, so I may start adding some articles on here so first of we have this from "Burning Nights" in the UK. Click on the link, to read more about it.
Infographic: An Exercise Guide for People with Limited Mobility
As any person suffering from CRPS knows, every day is a physical struggle and activities which are routine for most people don’t come easily. Getting sufficient exercise can be an especially difficult task for people with CRPS due to the physical strain that is likely to be heaped on top of the chronic pain that already exists. This fear of doing further damage to the body, along with a lack of self-belief or motivation, can act as a major deterrent to exercising.
However, there are many exercises that can be done by chronic pain sufferers which not only are perfectly safe, but will also be hugely beneficial in strengthening the body so that it becomes more resistant to chronic pain. There is also plenty of tailor-made equipment for people with limited mobility who wish to exercise, such as a cardiovascular exercise bike and a wheelchair multi-gym.
As well as the physical benefits it provides, exercising can also make lasting psychological changes to the life of a person with chronic pain. Once they discover capabilities they never thought they had, they can feel a surge of self-confidence and a real sense of achievement. It can also open doors to making new friends through meeting like-minded people undertaking the same experience.
Check out this really cool and inspirational infographic from UK-based chronic pain charity Burning Nights ( to see more about exercising for people with conditions such as CRPS.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Weekend...

Happy Easter one and all, we don't have many plans, which is good cause the weather does not look the best, hopefully we can go to the Farmers Market in Tauranga then might go and have a look at the beach, nothing nicer than a beach after a storm. Chris might be coming down for a couple of days not sure yet though. And hopefully a BBQ on Monday night with Steph and Rob. and Chris if he is still here.

Daylight saving ends next weekend here, (the first Sunday in April) - bugga that really means Autumn is well and truly here, can't wait till Spring, for the last 5 years we have spent 2-3 weeks of winter in Aussie at the Gold Coast, but not this year :(. It's amazing spending a few weeks away out of winter how it makes the season seem so much shorter, oh well next year it will be 4 weeks :).

Food, have been doing a lot of thinking about food lately and in which way I want to go.... I am not doing to bad food wise, but need to be a little stricter in some areas, well it is a bit like chalk and cheese in what I am thinking - either going strict high protein low carb, or vegetarian, I love my meat though, but then I don't know if I love it enough to eat it, when I know what animals go through. Also it goes along with my beliefs of cruelty free makeup, not purchasing leather, not supporting things like Seaworld..... it also means I will have to force myself to eat more verge's cause lets face it, I know I do not eat near enough veggies. Anyway I have decided to make this decision over the next few days. I know losing weight will not cure the CRPS, but when you add obesity onto chronic pain, it makes it worse thats a fact, simple as..... I have done a lot of research with food and chronic pain, and being a vegetarian seems to be what most research shows will work with CRPS. Whatever I decide it will be slow transitioning change. Anyway more on that on the next post when I have made the final decision :)

Ohhhhh something else exciting is going to happen, and hopefully sooner rather than later, I am going to be getting another door to the nail room, yip a door, well what is so exciting I hear you say about a door, well the door is an outside door - yip so people need not come into the house anymore, and it also means I don't need to stress about people and the dogs, not that anyone has said anything and they all like the dogs apart from 2 clients who I lock the dogs away for, which isn't an issue. But I am trying to make it as professional as I can. Once the door is in, I can decorate it, so this weekend I am going to start planning the colours and what I want, and what furniture I need.... I am also thinking of selling some stuff as add on's like cuticle oil, hand creams and pedicure stuff. I will also think seriously about doing pedicures as I gat asked quite a bit about it. 

Anyway thats it from me for now.... if you are going away for the weekend, be careful on the roads. And stay safe and don't forget to smile it is contagious :)

Oh and if you have any colour idea's or any thoughts on a nail salon room place them here, like what you would like in there, a coffee machine, cold water.... :)