Wednesday, August 27, 2014


A small update, not much has happened with me, went to my psychologist today, I only have 2 more sessions with her and thats it for now, unless ACC will pay for some more, after the next two, I really don't think I need her anymore for now. She is really happy on how I am heading, and today we talked about how far I have come in the few years I have been seeing her :)

Not much else is happening, started walking again, still studying hard, tomorrow I get my hair done, Friday get my eyebrows done which are a mess, then next week nails get touched up and I will feel like a new woman again :)

Another vlog, this one is about me, as I have some new watchers and viewers on my youtube channel :)

Have a happy day/night wherever you may live :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

tarte haul...

A few weeks ago, 'tarte' had a 30% 0f sale, so I just had to purchase of course, as tarte happens to be one of favourite makeup brands, and yes they are cruelty free :)

So anyway I did a haul of what I got, please ignore the lighting etc, am still learning where the best place to vlog is :)

Enjoy and please don't forget to like and subscribe :)

My next vlog will be abit about me, for the new people watching my vlogs :)

Onto other stuff, all is going pretty well now the meds have kicked in again, I managed to get an extension on one of my essays which was no-where near a pass, so that is great, will redo that this week. Tomorrow I am going to start walking again, and of course Miss Chico will come with me, will need to build my fitness up again but I did it before, I can do it again :)

Have a lovely week all :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Just a quickie....

Well after a few rough weeks, I have had to make a decision and I am going to be increasing the methadone again.... I tried but it was not the right time.

Symptom's of the CRPS pre: methadone were coming back, the pain was getting unbearable, the burning was increasing, I was focusing so much on the pain that my study was falling behind. I started dropping things, I fell over twice today as my balance was becoming unstable, all things that were happening before the methadone. It now makes me realise how much the methadone was helping me.... I could no longer leave the house in case I fell in the mall, or supermarket - not a good look trust me ;)

So after many tears and a talk with David, we have decided to increase the methadone again, and then see how things are in a month or two.

I feel felt like a failure, but am slowly getting over that....

How does this affect Aussie etc, well hopefully nothing will really change there. Anyway just a little update, will do a vlog in a couple of days time when I am up to talking without turning into a blubbering mess :)

Oh and to top things MIL has gone back into hospital again this morning... :(

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Vlog.....

Yip finally a vlog - enjoy and don't forget to subscribe and like :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

And I thought no-one loved me......

I found heaps of comments on my dashboard that I had not received emails about this meant they were not published - so sorry for those I did not reply too.... 

One I will reply to is Peta, who suggested we could consider moving to Sydney - well one slight problem both David and I didn't click with Sydney, we loved it for a few short days on holiday but then we were glad to move on. Also we have a lot more friends in the Gold Coast/Brisbane area.

Speaking of Aussie, if you look this way ------> you will see a countdown clock, yes we booked our flights to Coolangatta for June 17th 2015 - 308 days away. We booked them now, as Air New Zealand has a 48 hour sale on to Aussie so for $380 we got 2 tickets to Coolangatta. We still have to get return as our return dates were not in sale, so will wait for another special to happen for that one, and we are still not sure if we are staying 2 or 3 weeks, we fly in again on a Wednesday and arrive in Australia about 2pm their time, like we did last time as it was perfect, we will just drive up to Auckland on the morning. This is after my exams and before the final semester starts for me then I graduate (well all going to plan). Also I will be off all my methadone by then, so will be interesting to see how it goes pain wise. 

So moving on from that, my BM's (Bowel Motions) are all pretty much under control, so I am now ready to go lower carb, NOT low carb, just lower carb.... also I have let my fitness slide a little, ok a lot so now Spring is near I am going to start walking Chico again, again it will be a no rush walk, it will be a just get out and enjoy walk, and in return that will get me fitter :)

So that folks these are my plans for the next 12 months:
  • Eat healthier, less carbs and more fresh foods rather than packaged - I know I said I was not going to weigh but I did this morning and will again every month. Surprising my weight was pretty much where it was still after I got ill that time. Also coming into Spring/Summer it is so much easier to eat healthier and fresher :).
  • Start getting into a walking plan with Chico - no real goals but would like to be walking 5-6k's comfortably 5 days a week by the time we fly out :).
  • Be off most if not all my meds, but will be off the methadone, and will probably still use Panadol and Tramadol as needed. 
  • Start saving for my spending money, we have enough money for the trip, hire car, tickets, accommodation etc... so I just need spending money. So no more buying after what I have just ordered in the last few weeks arrive lol. Am going to keep an eye on the Aussie $ and if it starts dropping we will go and get some cash changed over.
  • Keep focusing on distraction and meditations to help with pain as I reduce the meds. 
I am also going to keep blogging more regularly again, it helps me to focus on my goals, so there you go thats what is happening me with me :)

Monday, August 11, 2014

I really must.....

get back into blogging more, surely it has not been that long since I last blogged but it must have been....

Anyway where was I....
  • I have moved my makeup table etc into the spare room, now that Steph has moved out, so it is brilliant that I can do my makeup in peace, and not wake up David in the morning when I am doing it etc.....
  • Though the mornings have been rather chilly like minus 1's, 2's and 3's, we have had some lovely sunny days, where I sit in the recliner and enjoy the warmth of the sun on my body while I study :) - having said that today is overcast and yukk....
  • I am still reducing my meds, the pain has increased but not sure if that is the weather or the med reduction or both - in summer I will be able to tell I hope. 
  • Study is going ok, I dropped 1 paper as the workload was just to much :)
  • Plans for moving to Aussie are still on track :)
  • My hair is in drastic need of a cut and roots bleached but as it is winter I am holding of as long as possible, hoping I can get another 2 weeks before I go to the hairdresser, why because I have to drive about 50 minutes through the gorge to get to my hairdresser and there is heaps of black ice on the road, and I can not make an afternoon appointment as I am too out of it to drive in the afternoons - also I just can't be bothered right at the moment going to Tauranga. Speaking of haircuts Miss Chico got a nice clip on the weekend, so she is looking all pretty again :). 
Anyway the other day we took MIL out for lunch and this is what I wore....

Leggings - 'Autograph' (No longer in stock)
Jumper - 'TS14Plus' (I could not find it, so maybe sold out)
Shoes - 'Converse'
Flower - Some market in the Gold Coast

Makeup - 
I used the 'Urban Decay Electric Palette' for the eye shadow, colours I used were Gonzo, Chaos, and Trash
Lipstick - 'Lime Crime' - Airborne Unicorn

Anyway thats about it for now..... I promise to come back much quicker this time around :)